We are The office of learning and Teaching Foreign Languages 

The office of Learning and Teaching Foreign Languages complied the Rosetta Stone Foundation program Levels with  subjects of English 1, 2 & 3 whereas students are students are encountering Level 1 & 2 with English 1, Level 3 & 4 with English 2 and Level 5 with English 3. Rosetta Stone provides the scalable language solutions to STC students which are written as follows:

  • Immersion environment

  • Fundamental language skills

  • Personalizes experience

  • Self- paced progress

  • Accessible anytime, anywhere

  • Facilitates in Grade improvement of students



The office of Learning & Teaching Foreign Languages is one of the significant departments at STC because English and other languages play a vital role for the student career. Education in Thailand is heavily relied on classroom learning for a very long time and it is obvious that students cannot be fluent in English as they are limited to the required lessons in the classroom per week. Language is a skill and it takes time to create better results. Due to this point, Siam Technology College has introduced digital language learning methodologies to their students. In addition to that, online educational software and technology based language learning tools are becoming popular day by day. STC has introduced Rosetta Stone Language Learning Solution to the students for faster learning, but still they value their overwhelming number of professional instructors teaching regularly in advance classroom setting

English 1

                        Textbook: Business Plus 1

                        Reader (Level 3): The Lahti File

English 2

                        Textbook: Business Plus 2

                        Reader (Level 4): Fruitcake Special and Other Stories

English 3

                       Textbook: Business Plus 3

                        Reader (Level 5): A Tangled Web

From the above mentioned books we have selected the certain classroom activities. The following criteria have decided for the allocation of marks.

Languages Program  online 

  • English

  • Thai

  • Japanese

  • Chaines

  • French

  • German

  • Italian

  • Spanish 

  • Korean

  • Arabic